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  1. Website Coming Soon
    Website Coming Soon! Contact Us: Ascendant Solutions, Inc. 16250 Dallas
    Parkway, Suite 102 Dallas, TX 75248 Phone (972) 250-0945 ...

  2. Home
    ... Alexander Khayat Last modified: September 19, 2002 [eXtremeDNC, WireFreeDNC, eXtremeMFG
    & XYZPRO32 EditPlus are Trade Mark products of Ascendant Technologies].

  3. SIP Ascendant SIP Ascendant. A year ago, we said SIP would win
    the protocol wars. Today, however, SIP s biggest challenge ...

  4. Ascendant: What s Your Rising Sign? -!
    Technically speaking, your Rising Sign -- or Ascendant -- reflects the Zodiac sign
    that was ascending on the Eastern horizon at the moment you took your first ...

  5. Relationships and Compatibility: Ascendant Aspects
    Describes relationship and compatibility issues using astrological birth chart synastry
    aspects from the ascendant. ... Synastry in Astrology - Ascendant Aspects. ...

  6. ascendant -
    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
    $5.00 in astroCash you can use towards any of our astroReports. ...

  7. Astro-France : LE site Francophone des Arts Divinatoires - ...
    ... Ce système de calcul automatique pour votre ascendant, n est disponible que pour
    la france Si vous êtes hors du territoire français et que vous désirez ...

  8. Ascendant
    ... Best Use of Workflow". "Most Innovative Use of XML". "Best Solution By a Partner".
    Copyright 2002, Ascendant TSG, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Legal Disclaimer.

  9. Horoscope free > Calc. on-line > Ascendant
    Calculate your Ascendant, The Sign rising over the horizon at the
    time of your birth is your Ascendant, or Rising sign. Each sign ...

  10. What is an ascendant?
    What is an ascendant? The ascendant (or rising sign) is the sign that
    was on the horizon at the exact time of your birth. To calculate ...

  11. Welcome to ascendant
    ASCENDANT Please wait while the site loads.
    If it does not load please click here.

  12. artcharts learn astrology | about the ascendant
    Your Ascendant, or Rising Sign Read about Your Ascendant on aries
    | taurus | gemini | cancer leo | virgo | libra | scorpio | sagittarius ...

  13. Home
    ... With Ascendant Hosting, you are not limited! We provide you with the tools to POWER
    UP your business! ... Ascendant Hosting is a division of Wheat Communications. ...

  14. astrology TOMORROW today - Chinese Ascendant Signs
    ... Welcome to H our Page! If you were born between the hours of 11 PM to 1 AM the
    Rat is your Ascendant sign. 1 AM to 3 AM the Ox is your Ascendant sign. ...

  15. ? ???????????? Ascendant
    ?? ??????. ??. ?????????. ??
    ????????. ???????. ???. ???

  16. Alastro, votre horoscope du jour
    ... ACCUEIL > CALCUL DE L ASCENDANT Qu est-ce que l ascendant ? ... Ce paramètre
    ne doit pas non plus être négligé. Calcul de l ascendant ...

  17. Premier IT Training Center

  18. De Telegraaf-i [] AstroLink
    Bereken uw ascendant. De ascendant is het teken dat aan de oostelijke
    horizon rees vanaf de plaats op het moment van iemands geboorte. ...

  19. Ephéméride - Calcul de l ascendant
    Calcul de votre ascendant, Entrez votre date de naissance : 1 ...

  20. What is an Ascendant?
    What is an Ascendant? ... The Ascendant is the zodiac sign which was rising
    on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. Hence, it is ...

  21. Lady Maigrey s Andromeda Ascendant
    If You re Not Taken Automatically to the Main Index
    in 20 seconds, click on the Image below.

  22. bereken je ascendant
    ... Home Astrologie Bereken je Ascendant Je bent hier. ... Bereken je Ascendant. Wat is
    een Ascendant (ASC), Bereken zelf je ASC, verschillende berekeningsmethoden. ...

  23. CWISNOM s Home Page
    ... Guest Reviews-Edge of Sanity, Amorphis, and Count Raven Mailorder Suggestions for
    that Rare Heavy Metal Back Issue-Ascendant Strains #3 Back Issue-Ascendant ...

  24. Misery Ascendant - The failed attempts at the lands of goodness
    ... This DARK RING site is owned by Misery Ascendant Want to join the DARK
    RING? ... This Original AD&D World is owned by The Misery Ascendant Co. ...

  25. The Ascendant Group - Search Engine optimization
    The Ascendant Group - Search Engine optimization services by Detlev Johnson,
    Heather Lloyd-Martin. ... 2002 The Ascendant Group all rights reserved. ...

  26. Morning Star Ascendant
    IN NOMINE. I have Finally updated my pages, well most of them anyways,
    And the most overhauling has happened here, in the In Nomine pages. ...

  27. Ascendant Technologies Inc. Welcome
    © Copyright 1996-2001 Ascendant Technologies Inc. All rights reserved.
    [RiskWin is a trademark of Ascendant Technologies Inc.]. ...

  28. Lady Maigrey s Andromeda Ascendant
    This site is an attempt to be a concise guide to all things in Gene
    Roddenberry s Andromeda Universe. Starring Kevin Sorbo, Keith ...

  29. Catharina s Astrologie Pagina s: De Ascendant
    De ascendant wordt bepaald door het tijdstip van de geboorte en de
    geboorteplaats. Het is het dierenriemteken dat op het moment ...

  30. Calcul de l ascendant astrologique et interprétation
    ... hebdomadaire, horoscope mensuel et annuel. De plus vous trouverez un formulaire
    pour le calcul de votre ascendant astrologique en ligne. ...

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