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  1. What is my Rising Sign?
    ... your Rising Sign from this Table of Rising Signs ... The Rising Sign is sometimes called
    the "Ascending Sign ... the horizon, which is called the Ascendant or "Ascendant ...

  2. ASTROLOGY TIME PATTERNS by Sanderson Beck - Rising Signs
    ... ASCENDANT. The ascendant is the sign that is rising from the eastern horizon,
    in the natal chart at the moment of birth. ... Ascendants or Rising Signs. ...

  3. rising signs - ascendants
    ... The first house and the sign that rules the first house, which is also known as
    the Ascendant or Rising sign, describes your outer personality and physical ...

  4. Rising signs: Beauty & Physical Charac. of a women
    ... of different rising signs Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
    Sagitarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces. ARIES People with Aries ascendant are ...

  5. Astrology Article--All 12 Signs Rising: Which Is Your Horoscope ...
    ... determining which of the twelve astrological signs best fits you. Astrology
    Article--All 12 Signs Rising: Which Is Your Ascendant? ...

  6. Rising Signs
    RISING SIGNS. Your ... horizon. Another name for your Rising sign is your
    "Ascendant". Your Rising sign is important for two reasons. First ...

  7. Rising signs
    ... you, the response. The Ascendant or rising sign indicates how we make
    an entrance or come across, thus our appearance. It is that ...

  8. Ascendant Rising Signs -
    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
    $5.00 in astroCash you can use towards any of our astroReports. ...

  9. Astrology: The twelve signs on the 12 house cusps.
    ... signs on the 12 house cusps Developing your Rising Sign Overlay The "houses of the
    horoscope" refers to a twelve part division that begins with the Ascendant ...

  10. rising signs
    ... ASTROLOGY TIME PATTERNS by Sanderson Beck - Rising Signs The ascendant is the sign
    that is rising from the easternhorizon, in the natal chart at the moment of ...

  11. Astrology, Rising Signs, Ascendants, Career Opportunities
    astrology, love, horoscopes, astrology, sun signs, compatibility, soul mate, zodiac,
    aries, taurus, cancer, scorpio, virgo ... Your Ascendant or Rising Sign. ...

  12. astrology rising sign Ask Jack - Q. Where can I find more ...
    ... About Paul Articles Consultations Astrology Charts and Readings The Signs Recommended
    Reading Testimonials Links Contact RISING SIGN: YOUR ASCENDANT Many walk ...

  13. CosmicGuide.Com - Paul Fernandez - Intuitive Astrology - Rising ...
    RISING SIGN: YOUR ASCENDANT. ... Each of us has a rising sign, the sign that was ascending
    over the eastern horizon ... In a twenty-four hour period, all the signs rise ...

  14. Ascendant
    ... the following descriptions of your ascendant or the sign rising at the time of your
    birth as personality signatures. Ascendant through the Signs: Aries A need ...

  15. Astrology Lore - Earthlore Glossary Reference: General Terms for ...
    ... is within a given orb of conjunction with the Ascendant. ... degree is considered to be
    a rising planet ... Short Ascension : The signs Capricorn through Gemini, which ...

  16. : one of 500+ Sites at
    ... Rising Signs > Rising Signs ... With Aquarius rising, there is something unusual or eccentric
    about the ... The Aquarian Ascendant likes to mingle with groups of like ...

  17. Natal Charts, Astrology, Rising Signs, Chart Data
    ... com Astrology, charts, natal, transits; accurate: astrology, sun signs readings,
    birthdays ... Your Rising Sign. ... let s take a quick look at your ascendant, or rising ...

  18. ... were born at that exact place and time where you are standing in that field, the
    sign coming up on the eastern horizon would be your Rising Sign, or ascendant. ...

  19. The Ascendant, Rising Sign in Astrology
    Cafe Astrology interprets the Ascendant in all signs of the zodiac.
    Do you have a Libra Ascendant, or is Pisces your rising sign? ...

  20. Ascendants gives information on rising signs in vedic astrology.
    ... When we have to study the nature of a person in the case of a non-MT ascendant,
    or even an MT ascendant, we have to see influences of the planets influencing ...

  21. Astrology--All 12 Signs Rising: Which Is Your Horoscope Ascendant ...
    If not, get guidance here for determining which of the twelve astrological signs
    best fits you. Astrology--All 12 Signs Rising: Which Is Your Ascendant? ...

  22. Your rising sign, your ascendant, the image you present
    ... of the characteristics of the different rising signs in the ... are other methods for
    calculating your rising sign but ... Aries Ascendant- The urge to achieve will be ...

  23. Astrology Article--Easy Table: Find Your Own, Anyone s Horoscope ...
    ... Sag = Sagittarius, Cap = Capricorn, Aqu = Aquarius, Pis = Pisces For helpful details
    about ascendants, see All 12 Signs Rising: Which Is Your Ascendant? ...

  24. Astrology -- Ascendants (Rising Signs)
    Ascendant (Rising Sign). Your Ascendant (or Rising Sign) is the zodiac
    sign (or constellation) that was just coming up over the eatern ...

  25. Main Index of All Astrology Links
    On this page, you will find links to every planet and the rising
    signs as well as the general information I ve already covered. ...

  26. The Ascendant Astrology Book Titles
    ~ The Ascendant ~. All Signs Rising, Elbert Wade, 6.99. Ascendant
    (Your Karmic Doorway), Martin Schulman, 6.99. Complete Guide To Your ...

  27. Site Index of Cafe Astrology
    ... Venus in the Signs; Mars in the Signs. The Ascendant (Rising Sign): Ascendant
    Signs/Rising Signs. Glossary of Astrology Terms. Obtain Your Natal Chart. ...

  28. The CatHouse Site of Signs
    ... Site of Signs. Your Rising Sign. ... If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"
    - Abraham Lincoln Your Rising Sign, also called your Ascendant, put simply ...

  29. Aquarius Horoscope, sun sign, moon signs, and rising signs.
    ... If you know your rising sign (ascendant) as well as your moon sign, reading the horoscope
    for those signs will also supply you with information that is related ...

  30. Byzant Astrology - Rising Signs
    ... anywhere on the earth, each of the twelve signs of the ... of the houses is the First
    House or Ascendant, which corresponds to the Rising Sign: the ...

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