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  1. JustUs & Associates Astrology Courses
    ... Horary Practitioner Diploma Course Complete Course, Christian Astrology Vol. One
    & Two, Christian Astrology Index, Modern Lilly, included. Tutor Fee Included. ...

  2. Astrology for the soul- free lessons!
    ... The Metaphysical Astrology Course. Trevor Jarvis is the Head Astrology Tutor
    for The Centre For Alternative Studies and a practising Astrologer. ...

  3. Astrology- Astrological Aspects, free astrology lessons!
    ... C. Trevor Jarvis is the Head Astrology Tutor for The Centre For Alternative
    Studies Metaphysical Astrology Course and a practising Astrologer. ...

  4. astrology tutor -
    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
    $5.00 in astroCash you can use towards any of our astroReports. ...

  5. A Great Vedic Astrology(Jyotish) Software-Parashara s Light
    Chart Tutor The Chart Tutor is specially designed to give beginners
    easy access to some important basic concepts in Vedic Astrology. ...

  6. London School of Astrology - The Lecturers
    ... She is a regular tutor at the Centre for Psychological Astrology,(CPA) in London,
    and is an internationally known lecturer and teacher, sought after in ...

  7. Astrology Lessons Intro
    Astrology Tuition Learn to track your own potential and help others re-pattern ... your
    life * helps you track your own potential Contact the Tutor Karen Elaine. ...

  8. Welcome to Calcutta Network , Yellow Pages , Real Estate , ...
    Free Yellow Pages , Real Estate , White Pages , NRI Pages , Match Making , Cooking
    , Doctors List , Nursing Home List , Beauty , Astrology , E-Tutor. ...

  9. Welcome to Calcutta Network , Yellow Pages , Real Estate , ...
    Yellow Pages Quick Search. List Of Categories, Company Name (optional).

  10. Astro Synthesis - Applied Astrology Programs - Certificate In ...
    ... TUTOR: Glennys Lawton DATE: Saturday, November 29 TIME: 9:30 am  4:30 pm FEE:
    $98.00 (Certificate Stream). Certificate In Applied Astrology Assessment. ...

  11. Fundamentals of Esoteric Astrology and the Ancient Wisdom ...
    ... of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings with an additional study focus in Soul-Centered
    Astrology. ... Tutoring includes 12 hours of personal contact with your tutor. ...

  12. Blank Page 7
    ... Author. Tutor. Therapist. Astrology dealing with health & healing or problems
    on spiritual path. By post, telephone or email. Correspondence ...

  13. Astrology Services,Patty Sanders,certified vedic astrologer.
    ... Patricia is a certified Vedic Astrology tutor who teaches personal growth and
    certification requirements to interested individuals and workshop groups. ...

  14. The Centre For Psychological Astrology - CPA Staff - Clare Martin
    ... has been a Faculty tutor for the last 12 years, teaching both Certificate and Diploma
    students. Her particular interests are psychological astrology and the ...

  15. The Centre For Psychological Astrology - CPA Staff - Liz Greene
    ... Sun and The Mars Quartet: Four Seminars on the Astrology of the Red ... Liz Greene - Director
    Juliet Sharman-Burke - Administrator & Tutor Lynn Bell - Course Tutor ...

  16. Astroved - Ancient Vedic Wisdom for Modern Times
    VEDIC TUTOR, This area is devoted to education resources we ve found
    to help you learn more about Vedic Astrology. As everyone in ...

    ... course: Soul-Centered Astrology (by Alan Oken) and Esoteric Astrology (by Alice
    A ... Mentored with Amy Upperman (Wisdom School Faculty Tutor): The course is sent ...

  18. Entertainment and Recreation/Horoscope, Astrology and Fortune- ...
    ... Mao-star Studio divining by I-Ching Ming Sheng Astrology Tutor Misplacement Alarmed
    Web Fortune-telling Mrs. Shin-shin Mystery of Constellations NCC Chinese ...

  19. ZODIACAL ZEPHYR: Links to other Astrology Websites
    ... horary astrology. Central to the course is the study of William Lilly s
    "Christian Astrology". Tutor: Hideaki Shuseh Kokubu. Quincunx ...

  20. Your free personal and daily horoscope! Your astrology reports, ...
    ... Astrology Tutor. Here, you will learn about the vedic astrology right
    from basic elements to advanced concepts. The complete tutorial ...

  21. Faculty Council 2002/3
    ... Clare Martin has been a Faculty tutor for ten years, and is passionate about astrological
    education, with a particular interest in the history of astrology. ...

  22. Vedic Astrology training
    ... standard in Jyotish - Vedic Astrology. This is offered primarily through a tuition
    programme with tutors approved by the council (I tutor students worldwide by ...

  23. Steve Lee Biography Symmetrical Midpoint Astrology
    Steve Lee Symmetrical Astrology Tutor, Email Moderator. Steve graduated
    from the University of Colorado with a B.Sc. and teaching certificate. ...

  24. The Astrologer
    ... $50. 04.3 "Solar returns". Tutor - M.Shea (2 audiotapes) $4. 04.4 "Electional
    astrology". Tutor - M.Shea (6 audiotapes) $10. 04.10 ...

  25. A Great Vedic Astrology(Jyotish) Software-Parashara s Light
    ????????Chart Tutor ????
    ????? Chart Tutor??????? ...

  26. Astrology Prospectus
    ... be issued you will be entitled to use the initials: B&MC Dip (Astrology) after your ... required
    by lesson 6 (half way mark), and handed into course tutor, to show ...

  27. ASTROLOGY WORLD: Mayo School of Astrology
    ... made, You will learn something of the history of astrology and its relation to modern
    psychology. Your Test Papers for submitting to your Tutor will include ...

  28. astrosynthesis3
    ... 7,500 - 10,000 words) on a topic of your choice, approved by your tutor. ... Final Interview
    and Assessment The Diploma in Applied Astrology will be attained with ...

  29. Astrology
    ... Brooke Past tutor at the Company of Astrologers, teaching Medical Astrology, Numerology
    and Tarot courses, author of several articles in the Company Bulletin. ...

  30. JustUs & Associates Medical Astrology Courses
    Product Name, Description, Price, Order? Classical Studies in Medical Astrology,
    Complete Course, Tutor Fee Included - US only, $420.00, ADD TO CART! ...

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