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  1. XEphem 3.5.2

  2. Astronomy Software for PC Windows with FREE Astronomy Software ...
    Astronomy software classics FREE with THE PC astronomy suite? Yes, you ve
    found ... searching for and more! Astronomy Software Quests End Here. ...

  3. Dan s Astronomy Software Collection
    ... Updates will appear there while this link will remain active for a while. Windows
    & DOS Astronomy Software Sites. ... Macintosh Astronomy Software Sites. ...

  4. Astronomy free software
    Download freeware planetarium and assorted astronomy software programs.

  5. Stellarium Astronomy Software Intro : Stellarium is a free software available for Windows,
    Linux/Unix and MacOSX. It renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time. ...

  6. astronomy software -
    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
    $5.00 in astroCash you can use towards any of our astroReports. ...

  7. Dan s Astronomy Software
    ... Preview binary3.gif. Dan s Astronomy Software Collection. Links to
    Windows, MS-DOS, Macintosh, and UNIX astronomy software. Over ...

  8. 16 bit astronomy software
    16 bit Astronomy Software. Hello. This site is no longer hosted
    on this server. To go to it s new home click here.

  9. Astronomy software servers Resources
    AstroWeb: Astronomy software servers. AIPS++ (Astronomical Information
    Processing System) AIPS++ is a software package which will ...

  10. SAL- Other Scientific Fields - Physics & Astronomy
    ... AstrHorloge -- an astronomy software showing a sky map and coordinates
    of stars. ... Xplns -- an astronomy simulation software for UNIX. ...

  11. AstroTips - Astronomy Freeware and Shareware
    Selection of the Best Free Astronomy Software. Programs organized
    by categories: planetariums, ephemeris, cartography, pedagogical ...

  12. MyStars! Astronomy Software for Windows
    MyStars! Shareware for Stargazers Astronomy Software. Visit our website to download
    a free time-limited version of MyStars! ... LOGO Relative Data, Inc. ...

  13. Yahoo! Science > Astronomy > Software
    ... Site Listings: David Paul Green s Free Astronomy Software Site - software
    written for amateur astronomers. Sky View Cafe 3.0 - Java ...

  14. Astronomy Software
    ... Satellite Trackers; Utilities; Simulations; Astronomy Screensavers; Other
    Astronomy Software Links Sites ... Astronomy Software Lists and Repositories. ...

  15. Welcome to Software Bisque s Web Page
    ... Software Bisque 912 12th Street Golden, Colorado 80401-1114 USA. Sales: (800)
    843-7599. ... Copyright © 2002 Software Bisque, Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Check Out TheSky
    This Software Bisque Product web page has moved... Click
    here to go to the Software Bisque Products page.

  17. Free Astronomy Software
    ... Help keep my software free! Please, next time you buy a book from, do
    it by clicking here. Or, visit my astronomy book reviews and order a book by ...

  18. David Paul Green s Free Astronomy Software Site
    ... What s Here? Free Astronomy Software: Window/Mac/Palm software for
    logging your observations and finding Messier Objects. These ...

  19. Astronomy software servers Resources
    Astronomy software servers Resources. AIPS++ (Astronomical Information
    Processing System) - AIPS++ is ...

  20. Astronomy Software
    Astronomy Software. Click a Title for More Information. AstroCalc
    for Windows - What s in the Sky for Sun, Moon, Planets! SunTimes ...

  21. LinuxAstro Software
    ... Astrophysics Source Code Library; Astronomy Software; LinuxApps, a set of
    links of packages with known linux support, some of which in binary form. ...

  22. ORRERY: Resources - education everywhere
    ... If you teach GCSE-level Astronomy, you might be interested in the GCSE Help
    page. ... RISC OSSoftware Links. The software below is all for RISC OS. ...

  23. Dublin Night Sky Observer - Astronomy Software
    ... Miscellaneous Software. Astro-Mania Blast off to learning excitement
    with Astro-Mania, a software game that makes astronomy fun. ...

  24. Open Directory - Science: Astronomy: Software
    the entire directory. ... 16-bit Astronomy Software - A small archive of astronomy
    freeware and shareware for DOS and Windows 3.x; ...

  25. Planetarium Software
    ... Approximate astronomical positions, source code; another list of PalmOS
    astronomy software. Bill Arnett; last updated: 2002 Sep 23 ...

  26. Starry Night
    10 Steps to Rewarding Stargazing Check out this 10-step guide to help
    you maximize your skywatching efforts. It is geared to help ...

  27. Astronomy software servers
    Astronomy software servers. ... Stellarium Astronomy Software ( Free Planetarium )
    Stellarium is a free software available for Windows 95/98/2000 and Linux. ...

  28. Sky Charts, Free Astronomy software , Celestial atlas
    ... The Saguaro Astronomy Club distribute is Database Version 7.2. ... Iridflar by Robert
    Matson Thank s to them for their permission to include their software and data ...

  29. Astronomy Freeware and Shareware
    CVC s Astronomy Freeware and Software. **from ... I have tried a lot of
    freeware and software in astronomy. I rate this a keeper. This ...

  30. Astronomy Software for PC
    Astronomy Software. ...

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