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    Astrology software for PC + Windows 95, 98, Millenium, 2000, XP: Download
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  2. Free Astrology Software
    ... (updated 15 May 02). Download my best astrology/numerology programs: ... Download AstroClk
    for electional astrology and to see what is happening minute-by-minute. ...

  3. Planetary Hours Astrology Software
    ... Download eXe-Files: Download astrology software such as Timaeus planetary hour calculator
    that loads in the system tray and Zodiac Aphesis time lord system for ...

  4. Paganlink Software Archive: Astrology
    ... registered earlier versions - details in the ReadMe. Download Astrology
    2.5 (MacBinary 1,214 Kb); Download Astrology 2.5 (BinHex 1,650 Kb). ...

  5. Astrology software for Macintosh AstroQuick
    AstroQuick Mac Software Web site. Astrology software for Mac OS computers. Free
    Download and Shareware trial, Astrological interpretations, famous charts... ...

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    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
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    Web hosting with integrated astrology services, AstroMart astrology program. ... Services
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  8. Goravani Jyotish Vedic Astrology Software
    Goravani Jyotish Vedic Astrology Software, Home, Lessons, Software, Videos, Charts,
    Order, Support, Downloads, Lists, About, e-mail, Free Downloads, Demo/Training Movies ...

  9. Astrology and Esoteric Programs
    ... Mac: A. Torah Codes. More Links to Software Download s: Astrolog; Astrology
    at Planet Zodiac; Astrology for Windows; AstroPocket; Astroprocessor ZET; ...

  10. Vedic Astrology Software for Palm OS from JyotishSoft - Download ...
    Download FREE Demo Now! Jyotisha V0.999. Click here to download Jyotisha! Download!
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  11. - Download Astrology for Lovers here.
    ... Click Here. CNET > Downloads > Windows > Home & Education > Religion
    & Spirituality > Astrology for Lovers, This title has been updated. ...

  12. ZET - Astrology Software, Freeware Downloads
    ZET - Astrology and Astrological Software ZET - Astrology Software Downloads ... configuration,
    may be delivered to users which can download about 300MB data. ...

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    Get a glimpse of your FUTURE. Very accurate readings reveal secrets about
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    astrology download astrology chart interpretations, all libra horoscopes ...

  15. Download Page
    ... Download extension files from the author s website to extend range to 3,000BC-4,000 ... Excellent
    utility for using your astrology font/s in other Windows programs. ...

  16. Presents MobileKundli 2002 The Most powerful vedic astrology ...
    "MobileKundli 2002 The Most powerful vedic astrology software for palm pilots". ... Download.
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  17. Love Horoscopes: Understand your relationship
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  18. Astrology Software Download Page
    Astrology Software. Download locations, screen shots and
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  19. Paganlink Software Archive: Astrology Treasure Hunt
    ... birthdata (time, date, place name). Download Astrology Treasure Hunt [MacBinary
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  20. Astrology shareware download AstroQuick Macintosh
    Free download of Dan Vega s AstroQuick Astrology shareware for Mac OS . Full software
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  21. Free Download - Astrology in the Age of Aquarius - Achernar
    ASTROLOGY - DOWNLOAD PAGE. Thank you to everyone for visiting our
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  22. Catharina s Astrology Pages: Free Download; Astrology, Tarot, ...
    Free download: astrology-, tarot-, runes- & i ching- programs for
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  23. Download Astrology for Lovers as 6 seperate files
    If you have problems with the full download, why not
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  24. Astrology shareware: Download Horoscope Interpreter or Astrology ...
    Problems with the astrology shareware download? Click here for alternative
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  25. ZDNet Downloads - Download Astrology for Windows here.
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    ... The Chinese module of our King of the Stars Download and try! ($40). Chinese Astrology
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  28. ASTROLABE: Astrology Software
    Your browser does not support script, Astrolabe® Astrology Software and Services
    1979 - 2003 Celebrating 23 Years of Creating Excellence in Astrology Software. ...

  29. $ Lucky Days free download. Astrology Lucky Days software for ...
    $ Lucky Days free download. Astrology Lucky Days software for gambling. For use
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  30. - Download Astrology for Windows here.
    ... The context-sensitive help file includes an introduction to astrology. ... This
    download offers unlimited calculations and screen displays. ...

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