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  1. Lunar Eclipse Photography
    Lunar Eclipse Photography. by Fred Espenak. (c)2000 by Fred Espenak. ... For a collection
    of lunar eclipse photographs, see: Lunar Eclipse Photo Gallery: 1980 - 1999. ...

  2. Lunar Eclipse Photo Gallery
    Lunar Eclipse Photo Gallery. Photographs by Fred Espenak. ... To learn how you can
    photograph a lunar eclipse, see: Lunar Eclipse Photography. Now available: ...

  3. Total Lunar Eclipse: January 9, 2001
    Press Release. Total Lunar Eclipse: January 9, 2001. Fred Espenak,
    NASA/GSFC. sunearth ... 09. (Greenwich Mean Time). Lunar Eclipse Diagrams. ...

  4. Espenak s Eclipse Home Page
    ... site: Total Lunar Eclipse: 2001 January 09. The next total eclipse of
    the Moon will occur on May 16, 2003. ... central. Lunar Eclipse Data. ...

  5. Lunar Eclipse Finder
    LUNAR ECLIPSE FINDER. Time. USNO Computer. my Home Page. NLA Archives. 2001
    Solar eclipse. 2002 Solar eclipse. the 1997 eclipse. 1998 eclipses. 1999 eclipses. ...

  6. : Shadowing a Lunar Eclipse
    ... Shadowing a Lunar Eclipse Safe and Easy to Watch. ... Timing of Lunar Eclipse.
    Moon starts to enter dark part of Earth s shadow: 10:01 pm ET. ...

  7. Lunar Eclipse Page
    A lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth passes directly in front of a full
    Moon, thus casting its shadow on the Moon s surface. ... Lunar Eclipse Links: ...

  8. Hermit Eclipse: Science: Mechanics of Lunar Eclipses
    ... A lunar eclipse happens at a Full Moon, when the Moon s tilted orbit brings
    it into the Earth s shadow, which can then be seen cast onto the Moon. ...

  9. Hermit Eclipse
    Upcoming lunar and solar Eclipses. 16 May 2003 - Total Lunar Eclipse (Saros 121,
    Mag. ... Lunar Eclipse Listing A summary of recent and future lunar eclipses. ...

  10. APOD: September 26, 1996 - Tonight: A Total Lunar Eclipse
    ... Tonight: A Total Lunar Eclipse Credit and Copyright: Vic Winter, ICSTARS. ... The above
    time-lapse photograph shows a lunar eclipse that occurred in April 1993. ...

  11. lunar eclipse -
    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
    $5.00 in astroCash you can use towards any of our astroReports. ...

  12. APOD: April 3, 1996 - A Lucky Lunar Eclipse
    ... Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version
    available. A Lucky Lunar Eclipse Credit and Copyright: Andy Steere. ...

  13. - Solar and Lunar Eclipse Information
    ... 5th Jul 2001 - Partial Lunar Eclipse and photos. 9th Jan 2001 - Total Lunar
    Eclipse report. 16th Jul 2000 - Total Lunar Eclipse report (pictures soon). ...

  14. Lunar Eclipse- The Moon
    Lunar Eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth s shadow falls on the
    moon. ... Label the Lunar Eclipse Diagram Label the lunar eclipse. Answers. ...

  15. lunar
    ... All Rights Reserved. Lunar Eclipse Information by Dr. Eric Flescher (
    created 6/3/2000 Updated 9/10/2001. ... LE 2. top. Lunar Eclipse Resources. ...

    ... Partial Lunar Eclipse of 2001 July 5. * Report on the Total Lunar Eclipse of
    2001 January 9. Amended 2003 January 2. ... Lunar Eclipse Observer - Home Page. ...

  17. Astronomy for Kids - Sky Facts - Lunar Eclipse
    A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon passes through the Earth s shadow.
    Earth always has a shadow, which is created by the Sun. ...

  18. The Lunar Eclipse
    The Lunar Eclipse. Welcome, traveler...I am Mystic Athaya Mahstar,
    an Elven Moon Mage of the 31st Circle, of the Realm of Elanthia. ...

  19. Lunar Eclipse Observer
    Lunar Eclipse Observer. Predictions for all lunar eclipses
    with reduction of observations. Click here to continue.

  20. Lunar Eclipse

  21. Lunar Eclipse OLC 2.0 Guide for ROM Builders and Online Coders
    The guide was designed to assist our builders with area development on our
    MUD, Lunar Eclipse. ... The Lunar Eclipse Guide to OLC 2 (for Rom2.4b) ...

  22. Welcome to the Official Lunar Eclipse Site
    ... Area page with directions; Mailing List; Builder s Application; J Gweth s
    Story. Enter Lunar Eclipse. find us at: telnet:// ...

  23. The Universe Today - Special Report: Total Lunar Eclipse, July 16 ...
    ... Total Lunar Eclipse, July 16, 2000 Latest News (July 16, 4:10pm PST) To bookmark
    this page hit CTRL-D The eclipse is now over. ... What is a Lunar Eclipse? ...

  24. The Universe Today - Special Report: Total Lunar Eclipse, January ...
    ... Total Lunar Eclipse, January 9, 2001 Latest News (January 1, 4:00pm PST)
    To bookmark this page hit CTRL-D If you live in Europe, Africa ...

  25. Project Info - Lunar Eclipse
    ... Sponsored Content. Project: Lunar Eclipse: Summary. Summary | Admin | Home
    Page | Forums | Tracker | Bugs | RFE | Lists | Docs | News | CVS | Files | ...

  26. The first lunar eclipse of 2000 is this week
    Total Lunacy. Sky watchers in Western Europe and the Americas can enjoy
    the first total lunar eclipse of the year 2000 on Thursday night. ...

  27. Pacific Lunar Eclipse
    NASA Science News: Sky watchers across the Pacific will enjoy the longest
    lunar eclipse in 140 years on Sunday, July 16. ... A Pacific Lunar Eclipse. ...

  28. Lunar Eclipse
    January 5, 2003, Congratulations to Lilu on her Nature Walkers Scimitar! Congratulations
    to Shomya on becoming a Blackguard and Harvaku on becoming a Templar! ...

  29. lunar eclipse
    ????? ??? ? ???????? ????? ?
    ? ? ?? ?? ? ????????????????. ...

  30. Upcoming Eclipses of the Sun and Moon
    ... Eclipses of the Moon 1996 April 3-4 - total lunar eclipse (see data sheet) 1996
    September 27 - total lunar eclipse (see data sheet) 1997 March 24 - partial ...

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