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  1. Multichannel News - Mercury in Retrograde?
    ... with a number of entertainment executives announcing new and exciting gigs  or,
    in other cases, exit plans.Blame it on Mercury being in retrograde, a time ...

  2. The August Mercury Retrograde
    The August Mercury Retrograde by Felissa Rose ... Mercury retrograde in the
    sign of Virgo, could be a difficult time for asthma and allergies. ...

  3. Maya del Mar s Daykeeper Journal: Retrograde Watch
    ... In the case of retrograde Saturn, we may focus on, for example, remodeling our home,
    changing our business, or reorienting our ego, ie, who we think we are. ...

  4. Mercury Retrograde -
    ... That s what Mercury retrograde is, an optical illusion of sorts. ... What Should
    I Do During a Mercury Retrograde? So what should we be doing right now? ...

  5. Mercury Retrograde - Rethinking Your Present Direction
    Enchanted Spirit Astrology offers a lengthy article on the effects of Mercury retrograde,
    and when appropriate, a horoscope forecast for Mercury in retrograde ...

  6. Astrology Source - Mercury Retrograde 2002
    Mercury Retrograde 2002 by Hazel Leung. It happens three ... mystery. It is
    wise to observe a few rules during a Mercury retrograde. If you ...

  7. // Mercury Retrograde //
    MERCURY RETROGRADE. Mercury Retrograde in 2003: Jan. ... When Mercury is in retrograde
    does it mean I shouldn t start anything new until it goes direct? ...

  8. mercury in retrograde -
    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
    $5.00 in astroCash you can use towards any of our astroReports. ...

  9. want to ask before mercury goes retrograde again *
    ... said: want to ask before mercury goes retrograde again *. my x-bosses
    birthday is 3-1-71 (yeah a little younger than me) anyways... ...

  10. mercury in retrograde
    ... Astrology on the Web: Mercury Retrograde Astrology on the Web discusses Mercury
    Retrograde; ... What does Mercury retrograde mean? Is it alwaysbad? ...

  11. mercury and retrograde nerve degeneration
    Retrograde degeneration of neurite membrane structural integrity of nerve
    growth cones following in vitro exposure to mercury. Christopher ...

  12. Managing Mercury Retrograde
    ... Other astrological factors were operating--you can bet your dimpled
    chads on that--and most Mercury retrograde periods are milder. ...

  13. Mercury Goes Retrograde
    Mercury Goes Retrograde Sunday June 2. ... The good news is that Mercury retrograde
    is the perfect time to complete unfinished business and tie up loose ends. ...

  14. Shamanic Astrology Articles - Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio - By ...
    Mercury Retrograde By Carolyn Brent. ... From the perspective of the Earth-based
    observer Mercury retrograde appears to reverse directions in the sky. ...

  15. Mercury in Retrograde AGAIN!
    ... Date: January 02, 2003 at 17:15:31 From: Swimmer/SR, Subject: Mercury in Retrograde
    AGAIN! ... Link Title: Image URL: Follow Ups: Mercury in Retrograde AGAIN! ...

  16. Mercury in Retrograde AGAIN!
    ... Date: January 03, 2003 at 21:02:38 From: Swimmer/SR, Subject: Mercury in Retrograde
    AGAIN! ... Link Title: Image URL: Follow Ups: Mercury in Retrograde AGAIN! ...

  17. Mercury Retrograde
    RETROGRADE, EH?). Other Planetary Retrograde Periods: PLUTO: NEPTUNE: URANUS: ...

  18. Mercury<br>Retrograde -
    ... Astrologers have traditionally considered Mercury retrograde to be a time of difficulty
    in Mercury related endeavors like communication, travel and matters of ...

  19. Point Of Light Ministries
    Mercury Retrograde. Whats it all about? ... Mercury Retrograde Periods 2002-03. Date.
    Begins. Placement at Rx Station. Date. Ends. Placement at Station. Direct. 1/18/02. ...

    Currently features story about Election Day 2000 and Mercury Retrograde
    as a factor in the confusion around who becomes our next president. ...

  21. Mercury Retrograde
    Astrology article on Mercury retrograde, including a table of its 1999 retro periods,
    and transiting house placement interpretations. Mercury Retrograde. ...

  22. Mercury Retrograde
    ... If any of this sounds familiar then you have probably experienced the
    phenomena known as Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Makes Mistakes. ...

  23. Mercury In Retrograde
    Mercury In Retrograde & Saturn In Gemini. ... Mercury will retrograde back through my
    ________ House. Take an issue described above and anticipate the following: ...

  24. James Kelleher: Jyotish News
    Mercury Retrograde September 14th - October 6th Mercury will be retrograde
    from September 14th to October 6th in the sign of Virgo. ...

  25. Mercury Retrograde
    Mercury Retrograde 1995 by Antero Alli. Publisher s ... them. During Mercury
    retrograde, it seems, memory is everything. This is a memory test. ...

  26. Mercury in Retrograde
    ... About "Mercury In Retrograde" One time I went to the songwriters circle in NYC
    and it seemed as though we were all having some interesting communication ...

  27. Mercury
    ... Mercury Retrograde. ... Check out the PDF format table of Mercury retrograde
    periods for 1972-2027, to see how it works and repeats in elements. ...

  28. Time flies more oddly with Mercury in retrograde
    ... backward. "Mercury s retrograde periods ... can ... universe. Half-seriously,
    I have Mercury s retrograde in mind now and will through Oct. 6 ...

  29. Mercury stations Retrograde
    Legend aRT*ChaRT Mercury stations Retrograde January 2, 2003 Time is EST, this chart
    is cast for New York City. Tropical Geocentric Zodiac, Placidus houses. ...

  30. mercury retrograde | artcharts daily astrology
    Mercury Retrograde. ... Ordering and purchasing, especially for business, can
    be continually problematic if purchased during Mercury Retrograde. ...

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