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  1. Mercury Retrograde - Articles - Astrology s Uranian Nights dotcom
    ... Mercury Retrograde By Kathy Cooper. ... Those who have Mercury strong in their natal
    chart will feel the effects of Mercury retrograde more than anyone else. ...

  2. Maya del Mar s Daykeeper Journal: Retrograde Watch
    ... In the case of retrograde Saturn, we may focus on, for example, remodeling our home,
    changing our business, or reorienting our ego, ie, who we think we are. ...

  3. AstroCom - Mercury Retrograde Calendar; Mercury Retrograde ...
    ... Mercury Retrograde Calendar for 2003. Jim Shawvan explains the significance of Mercury s
    Shadow. See what ACS authors have to say about Mercury Retrograde. ...

  4. AstroCom - Mercury Retrograde article
    ... By the time you finish this article, you will understand that the effects of
    Mercury Retrograde extend well beyond the period of the retrograde itself. ...

  5. Mercury Retrograde
    Mercury Retrograde. Recurring Cycles, Astrology is ... times. Mercury retrograde
    is one such cycle that recurs three times each year. Since ...

  6. Aaron s Horoscopes - Mercury Retrograde
    Aaron s Free Horoscopes - Articles Mercury Retrograde. ... When direct, all the
    Mercury Retrograde things stop happening to people around the globe. ...

  7. Mercury<br>Retrograde -
    ... Astrologers have traditionally considered Mercury retrograde to be a time of difficulty
    in Mercury related endeavors like communication, travel and matters of ...

  8. Mercury Retrograde - Rethinking Your Present Direction
    Enchanted Spirit Astrology offers a lengthy article on the effects of Mercury retrograde,
    and when appropriate, a horoscope forecast for Mercury in retrograde ...

  9. mercury retrograde -
    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
    $5.00 in astroCash you can use towards any of our astroReports. ...

  10. AA! - Astrology Alive! Mercury Retrograde Article (September)
    Mercury Retrograde  Mark Your Calendars! NOTE: This article got up a bit late.
    Why? ... Mercury Retrograde Periods Through the Year 2003. YEAR, FIRST, SECOND, THIRD. ...

  11. Books: Mercury Retrograde and Other Stories by Women
    ... Have one to sell? Don t have one? We ll set one up for you. Mercury Retrograde
    and Other Stories by Women by Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar (Editor) ...

  12. Mercury Retrograde 2003 Horoscope Prediction ...
    Mercury Retrograde Calendar - 2003. Mercury can make mischief, chaos, confusion -
    Plan Ahead ... Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2003. Mercury Retrograde Cycles - 2003. ...

  13. AkashicUniversity: MercuryRetro
    Mercury Retrograde (Coming Soon!). From ... Mercury Retrograde: Your Survivor s
    Guide to Astrology s Most Precarious Times of the Year! YOU ...

  14. Chrissie Blaze, Mercury Retrograde: Your Survival Guide to ...
    Chrissie Blaze, Mercury Retrograde: Your Survival Guide to Astrology s Most Precarious
    Time of the Year (Warner Books, 2002). Do the stars rule our lives? ...

  15. Benefits of Mercury Retrograde
    ... Benefits of Mercury Retrograde. ... Mercury retrograde periods are times when
    alternative approaches present themselves from the collective mind. ...

  16. // Mercury Retrograde //
    MERCURY RETROGRADE. Mercury Retrograde in 2003: Jan. ... When Mercury is in retrograde
    does it mean I shouldn t start anything new until it goes direct? ...

  17. Managing Mercury Retrograde
    ... Other astrological factors were operating--you can bet your dimpled
    chads on that--and most Mercury retrograde periods are milder. ...

  18. Mercury Retrograde -
    ... That s what Mercury retrograde is, an optical illusion of sorts. ... What Should
    I Do During a Mercury Retrograde? So what should we be doing right now? ...

  19. Mercury Retrograde
    Mercury Retrograde. by Nina Lee Braden. Mercury Retrograde (Rx) is
    one of the most infamous of astrological phenomena. Planets ...

  20. Mercury Retrograde
    ... MERCURY RETROGRADE? One of the values ... One significant planetary cycle is
    that of Mercury s retrograde motion. Mercury goes retrograde about ...

  21. Astrology & Feng Shui: Eloise Helm s AQUARIAN ZONE Astrological ...
    Mercury Retrograde. By Eloise Helm. All planets retrograde in ... 22/03.
    An Explanation of Mercury Retrograde. By Eloise Helm. The retrograde ...

  22. Mercury Retrograde - Astrology
    ... Mercury Retrograde. Question: What does it mean when the planet Mercury
    goes "retrograde" in the sky? Answer: Mercury, the Roman ...

  23. Mercury Retrograde
    Mercury Retrograde 1995 by Antero Alli. Publisher s ... them. During Mercury
    retrograde, it seems, memory is everything. This is a memory test. ...

  24. Mercury Retrograde Cycle
    Astrologica Events - The Mercury Retrograde Cycle by Sandra Pastorius. What does
    Mercury retrograde mean? ... A Return To The Source: The Mercury Retrograde Cycle. ...

  25. Mercury Retrograde
    ... Mercury Retrograde Mercury retrogrades approximately three times a year,
    giving us the opportunity to review decisions, directions and ideas. ...

  26. ASTROLOGY - Mercury Retrograde
    LEARNING ABOUT ASTROLOGY Last update: June 4, 2001. MERCURY RETROGRADE: For some
    fun, click here to read Mercury Retrograde stories submitted by our readers. ...

  27. MERCURY RETROGRADE January 2 to 22, 2003
    Mercury goes retrograde at 28 Capricorn on January 2, 2003. Who is affected?
    Capricorns and Cancers. Mercury Retrograde---ARGHHHHHHH!!!! ...

  28. Astrology Source - Mercury Retrograde 2002
    Mercury Retrograde 2002 by Hazel Leung. It happens three ... mystery. It is
    wise to observe a few rules during a Mercury retrograde. If you ...

  29. Mercury Retrograde
    Astrology article on Mercury retrograde, including a table of its 1999 retro periods,
    and transiting house placement interpretations. Mercury Retrograde. ...

  30. Mercury retrograde
    ... Mercury Retrograde.. the backwards messenger. What ... details. Constructive
    use of Mercury retrograde. Remember, retrograde means backwards. ...

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