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  1. 150th anniversary of the discovery of the planet Neptune
    150th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Planet Neptune. ...

  2. Neptune - Planet Neptune , Moons of Neptune
    ... Neptune - Planet Neptune, Moons of Neptune. Neptune is the outermost planet of
    the gas giants. ... The strongest winds on any planet were measured on Neptune. ...

  3. StarChild: The planet Neptune
    Neptune: The Blue Planet. Wow! ... They theorize that Triton was captured by Neptune s
    gravitational pull, forcing it into an orbit around the planet. ...

  4. Planet Neptune -
    ... Professional astrologers write our astroReports. ... Plus as a Bonus, we include
    $5.00 in astroCash you can use towards any of our astroReports. ...

  5. Planet Neptune Pictures, Moon Image, Neptunusz Fotók
    Wonderful Images of Solar System Planet Neptune, Pictures of Neptune Moon Triton,
    Neptunusz Fotók, Képek. Neptune, 01 May 1961, 04h The Planet Neptune ...

  6. How did planet Neptune get its name?
    Question How did planet Neptune get its name? Asked by: Nicky Platt Answer
    In Roman mythology Neptune (Greek: Poseidon) was the god of the Sea. ...

  7. Find out more information about the planet Neptune.
    Neptune Info 18 July 2000. The Planet Neptune. BASIC FACTS (on ... from
    the sun. Since 1979, Neptune was the ninth planet from the sun. ...

  8. The planet Neptune facts quiz
    Planet Neptune - A quiz about the planet Neptune. Where to find pictures of Neptune
    as well as information on Neptune. ... Quiz about facts of the planet Neptune ...

  9. SSE Forum: Explore a Planet: Neptune
    ... Year mathematicians predicted the existence of Neptune. The planet was discovered
    a year later. 3,000,000,000, ... You are here: Home > Explore a Planet > Neptune. ...

  10. The Discovery of Neptune
    ... It concerns the failure of British astronomers to discover the planet Neptune 150
    years ago, despite the existence of calculations that predicted its existence ...

  11. Ruling Planet Neptune
    Click here to get your share! Click here for a listing of other quality
    online casinos. Ruling Planet Neptune - Planet Neptune Facts ...

  12. The Planet Neptune
    The Planet Neptune. Diameter: 31,329 Miles. Year: 165 Earth Years. Color:
    Blue. ... of moons: 8. Some Planet Neptune Links: Neptune at NASA. ...

  13. SkyScopes The Planet Neptune Information Page
    Neptune - Planet eighth in order from the sun. In Roman mythology,
    god of the sea (Greek name, Poseidon). Click here to find out ...

  14. PJC Planetarium & Theater
    2003 SCHEDULE Effective January 1, 2003 The PJC Planetarium will offer
    shows to the public on one Saturday of each month. Please ...

  15. The Planet Neptune
    ... Surface Temperature, -357° F. Sun | Mercury | Venus | Earth | Mars Jupiter | Saturn
    | Uranus | Neptune | Pluto Touch the Star **** To go back to the Planet Menu

  16. Planet Neptune - George Lin s Home Page
    Welcome to my site. New - photo will rotate every time you hit this page!
    Please take a look around and feel free to make any suggestions ...

  17. Planet Neptune - George Lin s Bermuda Page
    Home About Me My Resume My Travels Hobbies Humour Contact Me. Welcome
    to George Lin s Bermuda page. I moved here on December 12th ...

  18. Neptune Neptune: Voyager image Neptune: Clouds Neptune: Dark Spot ...
    ... Neptune: Dark Spot. Neptune: Triton. NEPTUNE (PLANET) Neptune is the eighth PLANET
    from the Sun and the most remote of the gas giants of the SOLAR SYSTEM. ...

  19. planet neptune data information and stats
    PLANET NEPTUNE. Information on NEPTUNE STATISTICS. Neptune Statistics. Discovered
    by, Johann Gotfried Galle. Date of discovery, September 23, 1846. ...

  20. The planet Neptune
    ... groups have recently used the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Wide Field Planetary Camera
    2 (WFPC 2) to acquire new high-resolution images of the planet Neptune. ...

  21. Planet Neptune
    Planet Neptune. Neptune and Tritron #1. Neptune and Tritron. Center:
    JPL. Image # : PIA01491 442x571 JPG (127 KBytes) 1037x1339 JPG ...

  22. Neptune
    Neptune. Planet Profile. Mass (kg)....1.02
    x 10^26 Diameter (km)....49528 ...

  23. The Planet Neptune
    ... elliptical orbit, it is currently the most distant planet from the Sun, at a separation
    of about 30 Astronomical Units. The full disk of Neptune in shown in ...

  24. General Features of the Planet Neptune
    General Features of the Planet Neptune. Neptune is currently the most distant
    planet from the Sun, with an orbital radius of 30 Astronomical ...

  25. StarChild: The planet Neptune
    Read It Listen, Neptune: The Blue Planet. ... One of Neptune s moons, Triton, orbits
    the planet in a direction opposite that of the seven other moons. ...

  26. Neptune
    Neptune is the outermost planet of the gas giants. It has an equatorial diameter
    of 49500 km. ... The strongest winds on any planet were measured on Neptune. ...

  27. The Planet Neptune
    The Planet Neptune. Constants. MEAN RADIUS: 24622 km; MASS: 17.2 (Earth=1);
    DENSITY: 1.66 (g/cm^3); GRAVITY: 1.19 (Earth=1); ORBIT PERIOD ...

  28. The Planet Neptune
    Planet Neptune - Pictures and quizzes about the planet Neptune. Where to find
    pictures and information of the planet Neptune. The Planet Neptune. ...

  29. The Planet Neptune
    Planet Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun. It is also known as
    the Blue Giant. ... Picture of the Planet Neptune. The Planet Neptune. ...

  30. Space Today Online -- Solar System Planet Neptune
    ... The Planet Neptune A Mysterious Stormy Gas Ball MOONS ~~ RINGS The Sun, our star
    at the center of our Solar System, is surrounded by nine major bodies known as ...

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